On a Friday night where most of the people are probably getting ready to go outside, I will stay indoors. I am not sure if is the consequence of being 35yrs old but I’m not very keen on going around during a rainy and very cold night…to queue outside pubs or clubs waiting, watching people getting drunk and then crumbling on the street or worse ending up in a fight for a very futile reason with so much alcohol in your body to do not even remember what is your name! But we are all different….I definitely prefer a nice night with friend or like today on my own, listening my music, chilling before another day at work…and counting down the hours that separate me to that plane that will bring me back at home even if it’s only for few days

Don’t look don’t look the shadows breathe whispering me away from you. Don’t wake at night to watch her sleep you know that you will always lose. This trembling Adored Tousled bird mad girl… But every night I burn but every night I call your name. Every night I burn. Every night I fall again

Tonight goes in this way a jump on memory lane, with the music I love the most, and The Cure are one of my favorites, a sort of the “five a day” I am tired and exhausted for many reason, and only the music is the right way to forget about a hell of a day at work, and close my eyes and thinking ok job done, only few more days and you are free especially free to switch your brain off about all that little annoying thing that are happening in your life so recently and above all so many times…

It’s 22:15 and I cannot keep my eyes open so I think I will go….to sleep to be ready for another working day