It’s always start like that with a song. A song that rules my day, running timeless in my head. It could be an Italian one, an old Italian one a sort of memory lane of my youth – gosh I am talking like an old woman – it could be a recent one, something that captured my interest in a café, advert on tv, anywhere anytime but definitely rules my day!

Since yesterday is “Take me to Church” why I don’t know, an underlying message that invite me to go back to Church!? Perhaps! Although the meaning of the song and especially the video it’s completely different! But boy his voice and the melody are taking away in a world that is just black and white and I like it!

Last time I wrote on this blog was the 7th September 2013 and then I just stopped. This blog was born because my previous platform was shutting down so I had to transfer all my writing from Splinder to here, and I still have to figure it out how to make this working properly. At the time, when I opened I was a serious blogger, if we can say that, writing constantly not on a daily basis but definitely with a more serious routine.

I have wrote about the idea of moving where I am now, about stupid thing, my thought, ideas, anything a sort of corner where talking even non sens and where whoever wanted to read and enjoyed was welcome as were welcome were and are the critics.

Anyway I did wrote a lot of stuff, then post some pictures, recipe then attempt to write in English although I always want to avoid it because to be perfectly honest when I want to complaint about the place I am living, although was my choice, when I want speak about stuff I hate, people I despise, I want to do it in my language, because it is my right to be a pain in the neck, to complaint, to detest to the point of wishing the unbearable to other even if this is not my nature!

We all have that time, and I am not sad, I’m not negative, I just speak my mind out, that most of the time is not good, but until I will not get arrested or sacked I will keep doing it, because  is my right to do so (I definitely not like condescending people, the one that you normally “bum licker” I never been otherwise I was still having the power in my hands 🙂 which I didn’t like too much), as is your right to do not like…J

What I will do with this blog now? God knows, I will keep write whatever need to be put on black and withe, I will post photos even if I have a page for that…

Photo gosh another of my hobbies that went to sleep for a while…but it will come back…as always.

Living the life as it comes, try not to think too much too often, smile, be happy, be me, that means be mean sometimes, be strange, be lonely, be quiet – I know that is strange to believe it – just simply BE!

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life