If you feel something for someone this shouldn’t scared you or twisting your mind with tricks that can fucked up whatever are the emotions  you are feeling. Everything can happen doesn’t have to be like this…could be just the fear of not be able to control them. It will take a second or less and you will loose everything. If you feel something feel it, live it, breath it, enjoyed it can last forever, it can last a month, a week or an hour love it because it will change you forever even if it was a second!We don’t have loads of time we don’t know how long we will have that person in our life. Every second counts, every single freaking one. The joy you feel that lovely sensation that starts in your stomach and that will make you feel warm and comfortable means something. Fighting fears is difficult let someone new to enter in your life too…but I will always give a try to everything because I don’t want to regret and think about what I have missed. Wonder if you will do it too…but I cannot do anything else than wait.