Did you take an umbrella with you today? Haven’t you heard the weather forecast? If you live in Great Britain you should do it almost every day. Why? The weather in Great Britain is very changeable. The sun in the morning can became rain, and rain can last the entire day…thinking if eventually will be better swap your car for an inflatable…cheaper and very useful!

One big lesson I have learned living in UK, on the coast, do not spend money in umbrella (ella ella eh eh), it is absolutely a non-sense investment; rather invest in a very good rain coat, possibly long – very long -, in a sturdy pair of galoshes, better known as wellington boots and hey oh hey oh you are ready.

Why not umbrella? because if you live on the coast normally the rain comes with an extreme strong wind so it really doesn’t matter if your umbrella is the size of a parasol, made in iron it will never ever last…you will find yourself fighting against the wind, against the rain, getting drench and desperate, struggling to keep it open, wondering and swearing on why on earth you have  decided to go out, ending up throwing in it away, seat on the floor and cry…while everyone around is ready to call the 911 – is the 911 in UK for emergency or 999?- asking for a psychiatric unit to come and collect you!

One of the proverbs saying “Rain before seven, fine before eleven” (rain before seven, clear by eleven) I am going to keep not one but both my eyes and see if it is true…because it was raining since 3am…yep I was already awake at that time…eyes wide open, listening to the rain, which I found relaxing IF I am at home, in bed or sitting on the sofa, watching tv!

  Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning (shepherds).  I really didn’t check the sky last night before going to sleep, it was too cold, I was all wrapped up on the sofa like my cats, watching the last episode of Poldark – thanks to sky – and didn’t even went out for a fag – which mean it was very cold – the thing is I love cold weather, I love walking when it is minus something…not much in love with the rain dough.

So this morning I was waiting for the rain to calm down a little, to give me the chance to walk to the bus stop safely, my dog barked at me when she saw me  ready cause I did look alike the man on the moon!!! Uniform on, boots on, hat on, scarf on, rain coat, hoody on and sunglasses on (I do wear sunglasses with any kind of weather and when I chop onions) all ready, kiss goodbye to all the puppies – dog and cats – and to my love, lucky him it’s his day off and ready I am to adventure on the street…hoping that the drivers will no run on puddles and showered me!

Guess what, on a walking from home to the bus stop which it will take 5 minutes exactly they did it 3 times, I was ready for murder honestly; what it is your problem???? Other than driving too fast for the actual weather conditions, you can see the humongous puddle of water; you can see there is a bus stop and loads of people waiting, why instead of doing like all the others which avoided it you decide to go in creating a wave like Moses!!! why??? I really wished them  a good day and I meant it. I am arrived at work that I was squeaking while walking, went to the cloak room, went to the hand dryer and try to sort myself out!

Remember drivers, yes it is funny going with the car in a puddle we all did it, but for your own safety, be sure there is no one nearby because you are risking big time…big time. In Italian we say “uomo avvisato mezzo salvato” which sounds like Better safe than sorry or forewarned is forearmed.